Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks  

Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) and Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) contain many features that require regular inspection and service. 


At Johnson, we operate a fleet of vacuum pumping trucks that can simply remove water and sediment from the bottom of your AST/UST, or we can perform full tank cleaning, which includes removal of all fuel, water and sediment, followed by a high pressure water cleaning of the tank. 


A common repair need on a UST involves the underground Spill Bucket.  The normal means to correct a failed Spill Bucket is cut the surrounding concrete, demo the concrete, remove the old Spill Bucket, install the new Spill Bucket and then restore the concrete.  If this sounds expensive, it is.  Fortunately, Johnson offers a cost savings way to rehabilitate and/or retrofit your existing Spill Bucket.  Sound interesting?  Please fill out our Contact form and we will promptly visit your site and provide a free quote.  

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We are licensed to Install Tanks, Clean them, Repair them and/or Remove them.  Request a FREE Quote Today. 1-877-545-6011.  Our services are offered to the State of Florida.