Elevator Pit Cleaning, Inspections, Repairs and Painting

Wet and Dirty Elevator Pits create difficult working conditions, damage elevator equipment and create health risks for building operations.  


At Johnson, we not only clean and sanitize pits, we inspect them to determine where water is entering the pit.  Once a crack, a hole or an area of defective concrete is located, we create a work plan and execute it to eliminate the source of water.


Not only will this create a clean and safe working environment, your elevator system will work more effectively.


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Elevator Pit Cleaning

In the State of Florida, we are surrounded by water, not just in the form of an ocean, a lake, or a river, but we are also sitting on top of ground water and aquifers.


All elevators require regular maintenance, which include cleaning of the pits.  Pits contain water, hydraulic oil and trash.


Pumping and pressure cleaning an elevator pit on a regular basis will minimize the smells and health risks that are commonly associated with this part of a building.


At Johnson, we contract our services with Building Owners, Property Managers and Elevator Service Companies.


The benefits of a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of an elevator pit far outweigh the cost of performing this service.



We offer service throughout the State of Florida.

Cleaning - Repairs - Waterproofing - Painting

Please read our Qualifications:

1-State Certified General Contractor

2-EPA Licensed Oily Waste Transporter

3-Pollution Liability Insurance ($1,000,000.00 Policy)


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Make sure you hire a Contractor who properly trains his employees.  Working in an Elevator Pit can be dangerous work.  

Wearing protective clothing and working safe is a must on every job site.


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