Waste Oil Collection Service - At Johnson Energy Solutions, we provide pickup service for both Motor Oils and Vegetable Oils. If you need a container to place the oil in at your business, let us know, and we will be happy to provide one for you.  Do us a favor and do not pour water into the oil tank.  It makes our job of recycling the oil much harder.  Remember that the ultimate goal is to recycle good oil and return it to the local market. Thank you for your assistance.


Used Oil Filter Recycling - Used Oil Filters contain oil and metal.  Through crushing the filters, we recover the oil and can then package the remaining steel for reuse. Although it is a laborous process, the benefit is a no waste means of recycling. Unlike alot of our competition, we do not send used oil filters to the landfill.  In the coming years, our industry will hopefully move towards a zero waste goal.  We are happy to be able to say that we are already there.


Vac Truck Service - Do you have a fuel storage tank that has sludge and water in the belly?  If you do, we have a solution.  Whether the tank is full of fuel or not, we can remove the sludge and water by vacuum. Maintaining a high quality of fuel in a fuel dispensing system is very important, especially in Hurricane Season.  Whether the tank is small (500-gallon) or very large (30,000-gallon), we can clean the tank to perfection.


Waste Fuel Disposal - Do you have a tank of bad gasoline, or did you accidentally mix diesel and gasoline?  Call us and we will solve the problem.  


Used Coolant/Antifreeze - Please assist us by placing used coolant in a separate tank.  When poured into a used oil tank, it damages the oil and can contaminate our entire truckload.  We can provide a separate drum or container for your shop or place of business.


Emergency Spill Response - In the event of an oil or fuel spill, call us immediately. We provide 24/7 response Statewide.  Containing a spill quickly is a key to minimizing the impact to the ground and our waters.  Our 24-hour hotline is 1-877-545-6011.  To assist in our ability to respond in an emergency, please reach out to us at any time and open an account.  Having an open account with contact numbers for both parties will greatly assist when an emergency occurs.

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